Woman Warrior: Yoga for Survivors

This series is full. Stay tuned for our next Kundalini Women’s Series: Countering The Effects of Weathering.

Woman Warrior is a 5-week series that provides a gentle yet powerful healing space for women who have experienced sexual trauma. This is a place for women to feel safe and secure as they move forward in their healing journeys.

Led by survivor and activist Halli Jastaran Faulkner, Woman Warrior uses the tools of movement, breath, and mantra to allow women to tap into their own healing power. In this workshop, you will connect with your own experiences of freedom, prosperity, and power.  Each week, we will use a specific kundalini yoga kriya and meditation to open latent healing powers in each chakra, or bodily energy center.

The Woman Warrior series welcomes all women who have experienced sexual trauma. Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome – we find strength in coming together as a diverse group of survivors. No yoga/meditation experience is necessary – all that is necessary is an open heart.

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Each week’s class will include yoga movement and meditation that starts with a gentle warmup before increasing your heart-rate with some deeper movement, and then allowing for rest, relaxation and group meditation. Some of this meditation will be silent, and some will use chanting or mantra. Each class builds on the previous week – we will first focus on grounding and centering, and then move to healing, opening and creating. We will use journaling, partner exercises, and some optional group sharing to help us heal in community. Halli will occasionally play live harmonium music with chanting.

All communication and connections in this course will be held in strict confidentiality. It’s time to take back our lives. Together, we heal.

Course Details

The series meets on five consecutive Sundays, February 25-March 25, 7-8:30 pm

Open to all ages and fitness levels. We kindly request that there be no drop-ins—series registrants only.

About the Instructor

Halli Jastaran Faulkner is a proud teacher of yoga for women who have experienced sexual assault and/or abuse. A survivor herself, Halli started practicing yoga and meditation when she was 18-years-old. In 2012, she fell in love with kundalini yoga as a tool for processing trauma, healing deep wounds, and connecting with her destiny. In 2014, Halli trained with Krishna Kaur in Los Angeles to become a certified kundalini yoga teacher. Musician Snatam Kaur reminds us that “Love pours forth from the heart of the universe” – it is this love that Halli expresses in her Woman Warrior workshops. She leads, teaches, pushes, and empowers with love – understanding that survivors already have exactly what they need to heal. Check out her website here.