Celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday With Us!

Special Morning Sadhana: Sunday August 26

Yogi Bhajan was a pioneer yoga teacher who broke with the tradition of keeping Kundalini Yoga secret and sacred and brought it to the west to begin to teach it publicly. In honor of our teacher and in remembrance of the teachings, every year we celebrate his birthday with a special global Sadhana.

For morning sadhana on August 26, Kundalini yogis all over the world chant Long Ek Ong Kars for 2.5 hours. Yes, it is a long time, and it helps if you can chant with a group. If you are chanting by yourself, then imagine you are chanting with many other voices. If you haven’t experienced this sadhana before, this is a perfect opportunity. In the ambrosial hours at Lighthouse Yoga Center, anyone wishing to participate is welcome to join us.

We’ll meet at 4:45 am to do a few minutes of warm ups and the meditation will begin promptly at 5 am. We finish at 7:3o am and will celebrate with some yogi tea and birthday cake. Learn more here.

Yoga for Kids – Ages 4-7

Teacher: Meredith McCullough

Sunday August 26, 3-4 PM

Drop off your little ones at Lighthouse for an hour of yoga fun with Meredith!

This class is designed for the early elementary school age children to develop coordination, boost confidence, and hone awareness. The hour includes introductory yoga postures as well as other forms of movement, songs and games.

Please note that for security purposes we no longer allow parents/guardians to wait in the reception area, but we encourage you to patronize local Upshur Street businesses or go home and relax for an hour.

$20 for one child, $10 for siblings. Register here (purchase Yoga for Kids card).

Family Yoga Playtime

with Meredith McCullough

Next class: Sunday August 26, 4:15-5:15 pm

$20 for the first child, $10 for siblings.

Yoga for Movers and Tots is an opportunity for crawlers, movers, and preschoolers to begin to explore yoga – alongside their parent or caregiver – in a caring, safe, and FUN environment. Together we will learn songs, games, and poses that are designed to encourage body awareness, increase attention span, nurture creativity, and generally support development across this range of ages. Each class incorporates repetition, social interaction, music, fun with props … and always play! Duration of class is one hour, with dedicated time for free play built into the first 10 minutes of class. Siblings welcome. Caregivers are expected to fully participate in class, but no prior yoga experience is required for either caregivers or children. Be prepared to join the action!

$20 for one child, $10 for siblings. Register here (purchase Family Yoga card).

Yoga Fundamentals

Our next 8-week Yoga Fundamentals course starts on August 29. Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45 pm

$120 for all 8 weeks, including a weekly video homework assignment. To register, purchase the Yoga Fundamentals Class Card. Gift certificates are available for this course.

Teacher: Meredith McCullough.

This class is a wonderful introduction to the building blocks of Hatha Yoga, so you can deepen your practice safely and effectively.

Students will learn the basics of a yoga class, including:
**Fundamental poses to increase strength and flexibility
**Modifications or variations to keep you safe
**Practices to create deeper awareness on and off the mat.

No matter your level of practice, you’ll love our Yoga Fundamentals Series!

Baby and Me Yoga

Teacher: Meredith McCullough

Fall session starts on September 7. Just $90 for all 6 classes. No drop-ins please!

Fridays, 11 am to noon.

To register, purchase the Baby and Me Yoga class card here.

Inspired by the Itsy Bitsy yoga model, most of the “yoga” is for the baby, but each week we take time to introduce breathing/relaxation techniques and include some gentle yoga moves for caregiver as well.

Most appropriate from 6-weeks postpartum until baby is mobile. No previous yoga experience necessary. Please bring a receiving blanket and maybe a small toy each week. Also note that babies are always welcome in this space where sleeping, feeding, and even crying are legitimate ways to participate in class, so please bring whatever else you need to be comfortable.

Beyond the Basics – Deep Dive

Sundays 8:30 to 9:45 am

September 9 to October 14

$90 for the full series. Classes are sequential. No drop ins!

This fall, Meredith is offering a very special 6-week small-group workshop series for students who have completed Fundamentals or are looking for an early morning boost.

Sunday – FUN day. Join us this fall for a special Fundamentals Deep Dive series on Sunday mornings from 8:30 am – 9:45. This six-week refresher course designed to re-engergize your practice in a familiar, nurturing, and (of course) fun! environment. It is perfect for students who have already completed a Fundamentals series at Lighthouse, or who are looking for more in-depth practice around some key poses and energetic actions. 

Kundalini Fundamentals

Mondays 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm, September 10-October 22 (no class October 8).

Purchase class card here.

$90 for all 6 classes; no extra charge for members.

Teacher: Brian Carr

Are you “Kundalini-curious”? You’ve heard about Kundalini Yoga but have never actually made it to class?  Are you interested in shaking things up a bit and moving beyond asana? Or maybe you’re looking for a little more spirituality and meditation in your practice?

Our new Kundalini Fundamentals series might be your answer! Join Brian Carr at Lighthouse Yoga Center as he leads a series of classes of Kundalini Yoga (as Taught by Yogi Bhajan) customized for beginners. Taught on Monday evenings, the practice will be a fairly gentle one infused with energizing kriyas (or sets of exercises), peaceful meditations and revitalizing relaxations. Brian’s classes feature clear explanations while creating an environment where experience is the teacher. No body flexibility is required–only flexibility of the mind!

Learn more here.

Aquarian Sadhana

Sunday September 16, 5-7:30 am

Join us during the Amrit Vela, the still hours before the sun rises, when our awareness is heightened and our meditation practice is deepened. We start at 5 am with a recitation of Japji, then continue with a Kundalini Yoga kriya, and finish with 62 minutes of chanting.

Free and open to all. Register online.

Upcoming dates: October 21, November 18.

Woman Warrior: Yoga for Survivors

Sundays, September 16 to October 14th, 6:45 to 8:15 pm. Purchase Woman Warrior Class Card to register. Price: $80 general/$40 members

Woman Warrior is a 5-week series that provides a gentle yet powerful healing space for women who have experienced sexual trauma. This is a place for you feel safe and secure as you move forward in your healing journey.

Led by survivor and activist Halli Jastaran Faulkner, Woman Warrior uses the tools of movement, breath, and mantra to allow women to tap into their own healing power. In this workshop, you will connect with your own experiences of freedom, prosperity, and power.  Each week, we will use a specific kundalini yoga kriya and meditation to open latent healing powers in each chakra, or bodily energy center.

The Woman Warrior series welcomes all women who have experienced sexual trauma. Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome – we find strength in coming together as a diverse group of survivors. No yoga/meditation experience is necessary – all that is necessary is an open heart.

Yoga for Back Pain & Core Strength with Megan Davis

Fridays 6:30-7:45 PM
September 21, 29 & October 5
$50 for the full series/$25 for members. To register, purchase the Yoga for Back Pain class card here.

Lower back pain is one of the most common injuries/complaints.  Much of our low back pain comes from poor posture and misuse/overuse of particular muscles through unbalanced and repetitive motion.   In this 3 part series, we will focus on:

–using the feet and the legs to activate core stability muscles

–aligning and strengthening the core stability muscles to support the lower back

–stretching muscles to decompress the lumbar spine

 This class is appropriate for students of all levels. Students with injuries are welcome and modifications will be given.  More information here.

Align, Flow and Glow with Andrea Messina

Saturday October 6, 2-4 pm

$30 general /$35 at the door

Members save $5 (email us for discount code). Register here.

Join Lighthouse Yoga Center Teacher Andrea Messina for a two-hour journey to stillness that includes ample opportunity to align, flow AND glow.

We will spend the first hour in an active asana practice, moving with our breath to cultivate strength and awareness of our own bodies. This will help us shed some of our minds’ restlessness and prepare the muscles of our bodies to relax in part-two of this workshop.

Following our align and flow practice, we will find nourishing rest by completing a circuit of restorative poses supported by blankets, blocks, and bolsters that allows us to settle into stillness and find our glow.

A typical yoga class ends with a 5 to 10 minute savasana, allowing us time to slip into relaxation after an active practice. However, in order for our nervous systems to truly get the message that it’s ok to relax, our bodies and minds need to be at ease for nearly 20 minutes. This workshop is designed to give us that time. All levels.

Jai-Jagdeesh in Concert

Friday November 2

St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church

1525 Newton St NW Washington, DC 20010

Metro: Columbia Heights

An unmissable evening with one of the world’s sweetest, silliest, most divine singers. You’ll probably sing, you might dance, and you’ll definitely laugh. Join Jai-Jagdeesh and her phenomenal band for a deep, groovy, soulful good time.

Seating is both in chairs and on the floor. Please choose your preferred seating type when you purchase your ticket. If you prefer floor seating, be sure to bring your own mat or cushion. All are welcome. And hugs are free. Early-Bird $30, General Admission $40, Same Day $45. Purchase tickets here.

Journey Through the Chakras

On-going series. No special passes required – just come on in!

Thursdays 7:15-8:45 pm
July 12-August 23

In this 7-week Kundalini Yoga series, we will explore the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of each chakra. Every class will include a brief introduction to the chakra as well as a kriya and meditation designed to awaken that specific energy center.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about each chakra individually while experiencing how they inter-relate and intersect. We’re holistic beings, so while it’s important to understand the various parts that make us who we are, we also must remember that we’re greater than the sum of our parts. Understanding the chakras is a gateway to understanding ourselves.

Use your class card.

Introduction to Pilates

Wednesdays 6-7 pm

August 1 to 22

Teacher: Jamila Crowther

Learn basic Pilates principles and explore your core in a high energy and fun workout for any fitness level. In this four week series, you will learn how to sculpt a strong torso and strengthen stabilizing muscles of the core and lower body in a supportive, yet challenging environment.

Pilates is a form of mindful movement, that emphasizes the body’s core (abdomen, obliques, gluten, inner thighs) to create more a more buoyant and resilient form. It focuses on what yogis and exercisers need, including strength, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Students of pilates often comment that they feel an or two inch taller after leaving class because of the emphasis on posture and alignment. With so much variation in the exercises and workout, you’ll never get bored in this practice, because no two pilates workouts are ever the same!

Purchase Pilates class card to register. No drop ins please!! $55 for all 4 classes; members get 50% off (email us for discount code).

Full Moon Meditation

Stay tuned…..

The gravitation pull of the full moon is said to heighten the meditation experience. The moon has an effect on the water content of the body, and through meditation we can harness that power and make it work for us.

Join us for a 31-minute Full Moon Meditation on Thursday July 26, immediately following the 7:15 pm Kundalini Yoga class. Can’t make it to class? The doors will open for the meditation at about 8:25 pm. (Please note that the doors will be locked once the meditation starts).

All levels, no meditation experience is required. Sign up here.

Donations accepted.

Family Kundalini Yoga

Join us for this special class that will give your kids an opportunity to experience the benefits of Kundalini Yoga alongside parents and caregivers, who practice with them. While the class will be taught as a “normal” Kundalini Yoga class, the Kriyas will allow for shorter holding times and modifications when needed, so that everyone can stay together, physically and mentally. We’ll incorporate some fun partner warm-ups along with other fun activities to keep the young ones engaged!

See more details here.

$25 for one adult and child; $10 each additional participant (payable onsite)
(Members pay only $20. Email us for your discount code.)
Upcoming dates pending.