DSC_7275I’m relatively new to Kundalini Yoga. Can I still do the teacher training?

Yes, the teacher training is open to anyone with a desire to immerse themselves in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. The 9-month course offers ample opportunity to deepen your practice. If you believe this training is for you, don’t let relative inexperience deter you!

I may have to miss a weekend or several days.

While we encourage you to attend the entire training, things do come up. KRI allows up to 20 hours–one full weekend–of absences. If for some reason you have to miss more than that, you will be asked to complete make-up work in order to finish the program.

I don’t think I want to teach Kundalini Yoga.

Teaching Kundalini Yoga is a true blessing, but it’s not for everybody. You may find other ways to incorporate these teachings into your activities. Sometimes Kundalini Yoga teachers end up using their yoga skills as life coaches, therapists, conflict resolution, and in other professions. You will also have developed an extensive toolbox to use for yourself as you navigate life!

Will Lighthouse be running this training again next year?

No, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings are very time-consuming for the yoga center. We are definitely not repeating this training in 2016, and there’s no guarantee we will offer it in 2017 either.DSC_7280

The payment plan you offer doesn’t work for me.

Ok, we can set up an individual contract with you. Please let us know.

I’m just not sure this is for me.

Listen to your soul. Don’t over-think it and do what feels right.