In yoga, we talk a lot about transformation. Through a consistent yoga practice, your body and mind begin to shift. We find that our thought processes change, and maybe it’s easier to break old patterns and habits. At the very least, our stress starts to dissolve!

profile1lyc__1444399877_71.114.76.28But these changes don’t happen if we don’t challenge ourselves. For many of us, showing up for class once or twice a week is challenge enough. But then we get into a rut. We get into a comfort zone and stay there. That’s not a bad thing; however, real transformation involves a certain degree of discomfort.

Obviously, there are times in our lives when pushing ourselves toward shifts isn’t practical or feasible. But if you’re feeling like your life needs some shaking up, here are some ideas:

  • Introduce yourself to a classmate. Not only do we have an awesome community of yogis here at Lighthouse, but many of us live here in Petworth and are neighbors.
  • Commit to increasing your class frequency. Do you come in once a month? Make it twice a month. Or even weekly. See what happens.
  • Try a new style of yoga. If you’re a Hatha student, take a Kundalini class and see if you like it. Or if you’re a Kundalini student, sign up for Yoga Fundamentals. Lots of options!
  • Attend a class with a teacher you don’t know. On the face of things, this doesn’t sound as radical as it is, but many of us are very attached to our teachers. Sure, not every yoga teacher will resonate with you, but you might be surprised by some of our teachers who you’ve never met.
  • Sign up for a workshop. These 2-hour hands-on classes allow you to deepen your practice. (Or go really crazy and join our retreat to Italy next year!)
  • Consider teacher training. This is a fantastic way to share the powers of transformation!

Of course, there are plenty of ways to challenge yourself off the mat, too. Look for ways to lower your stress in life and become less busy. Yes, for us in DC, this is actually a challenge! Or try giving up caffeine or sugar for a week or a month. The options are infinite. The biggest challenge is to see what works for you. Give it a try, and keep us posted on how it goes.

See you soon in class!

Sat nam namaste,