Two special classes on Thursday December 21:

Flow and Restore with Emily

6-7 pm: The winter solstice is a unique time of year in which we experience the longest night as well as the beginning of the brilliant sun’s return to our hemisphere. It is a symbolic time of light born from dark, or the return of the light. The wisdom of yoga teaches us that the spiritual sun already blazes within each of us. Join Emily Moore for a special solstice flow and release class with meditation and movement to kindle and bring our awareness to the light within.

Kundalini with Marissa

7:15-8:30: Marissa Chapman (Paramshanti Kaur) will lead a special Kundalini Yoga class to honor the Winter Solstice. Being the darkest day of the year, we’ll begin with Surya Kriya to shake off the effects of darkness. “Surya” literally means sun, and this kriya generates lots of sun energy. Then we’ll practice the “Miracle Mantra”, chanting Guru Ram Dam for 31 minutes.  Activate all seven chakras and raise your energy field to the vibration of Love with this healing practice.

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