Breath! Stretch! Dance! Chant! Meditate! Relax!

A monthly Kundalini Yoga class for all ages, with a special focus on ages 7-14 with parents/caregivers.

Stay tuned for upcoming summer sessions.

Join us for this special class that will give your kids an opportunity to experience the benefits of Kundalini Yoga alongside parents and caregivers, who practice with them. While the class will be taught as a “normal” Kundalini Yoga class, the Kriyas will allow for shorter holding times and modifications when needed, so that everyone can stay together, physically and mentally. We’ll incorporate some fun partner warm-ups along with other fun activities to keep the young ones engaged!

Classes will include explanations for how different postures affect the body and there will be some time at the end for questions and answers.

All levels are welcome. Wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to have fun!

Cost: $25 for one adult and child; $10 for each additional family member. To register, purchase the Family Kundalini Class Card. Members pay $20 for first adult and child, $5 for each additional. email us for your discount code!

Kundalini Yoga has huge potential benefits for children as well as adults:

  • Physical health, to get the body moving.
  • Emotional well-being, to become more aware of feelings and reactions.
  • Mental tune-up, as the brain is exercised in ways that many of us aren’t accustomed to
  • Stress release, having a safe and supportive space to process things that weigh us down

It’s never too early to introduce your children to self-care and practices such as yoga!

Teacher: Alison Losey

Alison dabbled with several different forms of yoga in many different locales, but nothing really stuck until Kundalini. Perhaps it was her affinity for chanting coupled with an aversion to downward facing dog, or maybe it was that practicing Kundalini enabled her to translate her intellectual understanding of Buddhist philosophy and thought into an experiential knowledge. Regardless, at some point she was hooked. Practically speaking, her favorite part of Kundalini Yoga is the trippy thoughts and ideas she gets during savasana, but she also has a deep appreciation for the practice’s relevance to her daily life. As far as yoga is concerned, Alison maintains that Kundalini is one of the more accessible forms of meditation for people with minds that refuse to turn off and that closing your eyes while doing yoga should qualify for best idea ever. In addition to yoga, she loves her friends, kids (particularly those who are too smart for their own good and/or who have, at some point, been labeled miscreants), and her dog, but not necessarily in that order.

Teacher: Cathy Berry

Cathy discovered her love for yoga during pregnancy and had dabbled in all types (Hatha, Iyengar, Bikram, Ashtanga, Flow, Power Yoga) before finding her way to Kundalini Yoga in 2012. While she was open to a new yoga experience, she was not expecting all the benefits that Kundalini Yoga brought to her life during a challenging time of turmoil and change. Practicing Kundalini Yoga has helped Cathy become stronger – both mentally and physically, more confident, and happier. Cathy completed the KRI Level I teacher training at Lighthouse Yoga Center in November 2015 and has been sharing her love for Kundalini Yoga with the Lighthouse community and her two children since then.