In this six-week Kundalini Yoga workshop—open to Women of Color and Allies—we’ll dig in, get deep, and work together to heal from the corrosive effects of weathering, a term experts use to describe the wear-and-tear chronic, every day, race and gender-based stress puts on our bodies.

Sundays 6:45 – 8:15 pm, April 15 to May 20. Register here.

How Does Weathering Affect Us?

Research suggests that weathering can even impact us on a cellular level and might account for certain health vulnerabilities in our population, such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and an increased susceptibility to inflammation and other infections.

Be it from a bombardment of stressors or the result of a constant drip and trickle, weathering has marked the lives and experiences of women across legacies and generations, backward and forward on the continuum between our ancestors and descendants. The aim of this course is to heal from that karma so that we can free ourselves (and cells) up to live our true sat nam.

Who is this Series For?

While this course provides a safe and sisterly space for women of color to practice and talk about yoga and how it intersects with the realities of our lives, it is open to any participant interested in healing from the cumulative effects of stress.

No yoga or meditation experience is necessary. The only flexibility required is of the mind.

Cost: $90 for the six-week series. Members receive a 50% discount – email us for your discount code!

Sundays 6:45-8:15 pm, April 15 to May 20

Register here by purchasing the “Weathering Series” class card.

About the Instructor:

Emily often says of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, “it just shows up when I need it”—first when she was a new mother in Brooklyn, then when she was an expat in emily bondSpain, and finally when she returned home to the Washington, DC area. Eventually, Emily took the hint and got much more serious about the practice. In 2015, she received her Y.O.G.A. for Youth certification and, in 2017, completed her 220-hour KRI Level 1 Kundalini teacher training at Lighthouse Yoga Center.

As a professional communications strategist, Emily is particularly interested in applying Kundalini yoga kriyas, meditations, and principles to elevate the way we operate in our workplaces, communities, and families. She teaches corporate and community workshops, as well as small group classes, geared toward building stronger and more harmonious relationships with ourselves and each other.