Friday February 7

7-8:30 pm 

Cost: $35 members / $45 general. Price includes all mala supplies. Register here.

Teacher: Jazmín González Moya

Making your own Mala and the Practice of Japa Mala

A Mala is a string of beads, wood, or seeds that serves as an amulet and a tool to count breaths, mantras, or prayers. Malas have been used for hundreds of years by Yogis and Buddhists, and is somewhat similar to the Catholic Rosary Beads.

The Sanskrit word Japa means “to repeat or mutter prayers.” Japa Mala is a meditation technique that uses a Mala to stay focused.

Join Jazmín for a special workshop to learn how to make your own Mala and how to use it as a tool to enhance your yoga practice through Japa Mala.

Jazmín will provide all the materials you need to make your Mala, as well as a list of mantras to practice Japa Mala. In the process, you’ll learn precious facts about this ancient tradition and will have an experience of deep meditation. In the end, you will leave not only with your own Mala but with a collection of tools to enrich your practice.

No special skills are necessary. Come to learn how easy it is to make your own Mala and have fun in the process!