Winter Challenge: Bring a Friend to Yoga and Win!

Share the gift of yoga with your friends and family, and join our Winter Challenge!

During the month of February, we’re challenging you to introduce Lighthouse to your friends and get them hooked.

Bring a friend, share the love, and you get points.

For each friend you bring who’s new to Lighthouse, you get 1 point.

If that friend buys a New Student Pass, you get 2 more points.

If that friend signs up for a Membership, you get 3 more points.

This means you can earn up to 6 points for each friend.

You get yoga, your friends get yoga, and the world becomes a happier place.

Challenge kicks off on February 1 and ends on February 29.

Winners will be announced on March 13, at our Anniversary Party – Save the Date!

Membership Bonus

All Unlimited-Pass Members will receive THREE guest passes to use in February.

As always, unused guest passes do not roll over – so start planning now!

Challenge Rules

  • Sign up for the challenge at the Front Desk.
  • Friends must be new to Lighthouse or haven’t taken a class is the past year.
  • For your Friend’s first visit, they must come with you.
  • If you have an Unlimited Membership, you can bring your friend as a guest. All Unlimited Members will receive THREE guest passes in February.
  • If you have a 10-Class Card or a 5-Class Card (Limited Membership on Recurring Billing), you can share your pass with your friend. No limit to how many times you can do this!
    • (You can also pay for your friend’s class or ask them to pay for it themselves wink)
  • Friend must purchase and activate their New Student Pass by February 29 for you to get your points.
  • Friend must purchase their Membership by February 29 and activate it by March 5 for you to get your points.
  • Friends are all eligible for a discounted membership rate of $98/month!


Grand Prize: The first person to accumulate 30 points wins a FREE MONTH OF YOGA

First Prize: $25 account credit to use for workshops, series or retreats

3 Runners Up: A choice of a T-shirt, Tank Top, Mug or Water Bottle

Everybody: The knowledge that you made your friends’ lives just that much more joyful.