Sleepless Nights and How to Manage Them

Learn techniques to regain adequate rest in these tumultuous times.

Sunday November 1, 3-5 pm ONLINE

Teacher: Nandi Gabremedhin

Cost: $35 general / $25 members. Register here.

It has been six months of adjusting to a new normal. It seems like we simply cannot catch a break from the current administration, constant system of racism, uncertainty of life moving froward, loss of life – the list goes on.

There are plenty of things that can and have been robbing some of us from getting quality deep sleep. Many of us were not sleeping soundly pre-COVID and continue with lack of sleep throughout the pandemic. Some of us have been introduced to new challenges good or bad that have plagued us with anxiety. Some are just feeling the weight of the world, which sometimes seems to get heavier with each waking moment.

All we want to do is sleep at night like “normal” people. Living in a vicious cycle of not sleeping for weeks, months and even years on end can bring upon significant bodily harm, to include high blood pressure, lowered immunity resistance, increased risk of heart attacks, diabetes, low sex drive and/or stroke.

Join Nandi for this workshop to to use Kundalini technology to help us conquer some of the stuff living inside our minds and cellular system that may be keeping us from obtaining adequate rest.


Read Nandi’s Motivation for Sharing this Workshop

Personally, I have had many sleep challenges throughout my life. I would say the loss of sleep for a new parent or a household with a young baby is normal. Therefore, I accepted my lack of sleep as normal when we first became parents.

However it was in turn intensified as we began to increase our family size adding three more beautiful babies. As life went on and our children got a little older (especially when I got the last one out of our bed for good) I found that my sleep had gotten a little better, but I was not getting quality deep sleep.

As I matured and dealt with the blows of life, I found that I was not really sleeping at all, instead I was just taking naps. I had months at a time of frustration while I watched my husband sleep soundly and unaffected – began to conjure many tears. I turned to unhealthy resolves – watching TV until daylight, going to bed later and later or using sleep aids.

Fortunately, one day I decided to partake in a yoga class.

When it was time for Savasana (rejuvenating nap/rest period), I could not believe how easily I went to sleep and wanted to continue to lay there undisturbed. At that very moment, I realized I needed to keep yoga in my life!

In this workshop I seek to use Kundalini technology to help us conquer some of the stuff living inside our minds and cellular system that may be keeping us from obtaining adequate rest. We will have an open discussion to share our challenges and provide possible solutions with the thought that ‘what has worked for you could help someone else”.

We’ll tune in first, in the Kundalini tradition, do a meditative sleep supporting Kriya (series of exercise to serve a specific purpose) and extended meditation to induce sleep. I would like to show you how to use this kriya and meditation on a daily basis to put the insomnia monster into check. We will do some writing to express our thoughts and create a real action plan for results!

There are no guarantees, but we must do the work and take action so our total health is in order. Getting a deep sleep depends on it.

Cost: $35 general / $25 members

Register here.



Join Nandi online every morning at 6:20 am to chant Aad Guray Nameh for Gratitude.

This Sadhana will be self-initiated and will be practiced with no introduction or explanation. We’ll tune in at 6:20 am, to be done by 7 am daily, so that those of you who wish to attend the 7 am Kundalini Yoga class can still do so. Some days we’ll play music, some days we’ll chant acapella with the original tune. You can familiarize yourself with this meditation below or link here.