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How Does Racism Affect Us?

Black bodies, brown bodies, and white bodies are all affected by racism in different ways. Racism shows up at work, school, in our communities, and all aspects of our daily lives. It affects both individual attitudes and institutional structures. Racism is one of the biggest challenges we face in our work to create a world that is fair and just.

By giving us the capacity to look inward, yoga and meditation provide some of the necessary tools to begin to unpack this legacy of racism that is lodged in our bodies and minds, and align truth to action. But sometimes we also need a little peer support and guidance.

To help us all move forward in our journey to acknowledge, unpack, and confront racism, Lighthouse is launching a series of  Healing Circles to address racism.

There will be 2 Healing Circles, which will meet concurrently: one for white people and one for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color). The meetings are free and open to all and are led by Lighthouse staff, who bring to the table a wide range of experience.


Why separate groups?

When we take on the task of committing to doing the inner work necessary to create racial justice, we have different work to do.

For BIPOC members of our community, the People of Color Circle provides a safe space to process, heal and strengthen. It’s a chance to turn trauma into action, and to support one another on this path.

For white members of our community, the White People Circle provides an avenue for white people to examine the subtleties of white supremecy and how these exist in themselves without fear of being judged and without putting the emotional weight on BIPOC friends to have to explain or defend themselves. It’s a chance to explore how to let go of deep-seated biases and become not just an ally, but also an activist.

Let’s take on racism with openness, honesty, vulnerability and commitment. Are you with us?


Group Meetings:

Join us on Zoom on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. Free and open to all. Please come willing to listen, share, be respectful and do the work.

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For Us By Us Healing Circle for BIPOC

The mission and ethos of this circle is to empower BIPOC and their families to develop a meditation practice that will begin to heal generations of race based violence, trauma and political, social and economic disenfranchisement.

Phase 1 of the For Us By Us healing circle cultivated an evolving and inspiring community of Lighthouse members, and friends of Lighthouse members near and far. In our circle we supported each other as we discussed our triumphs, tragedies and tails of resilience and perseverance as BIPOC identifying individuals. We found that most of us share the dual identity of both being an anti-racist warrior/actvist/healer and also one who experiences the daily trauma of racism and anti- BIPOC prejudice and discrimination. We understand that this is a unique, but not uncommon experience, that requires a specific type of nurturing and care.

Phase 2 of the For Us by Us healing circle will be centered around 6 weeks of active self care. Each week participants will be guided through an activity or exercise to nurture and feed our activist passions. While also sharing, learning and providing each other with tools and strategies on how to prevent burn out, reinvigorate, re-energize and relax. Learning how and when to take a break for ourselves will be an ongoing discussion. The goal will be to provide attendees with the tools to maintain wellness on a daily basis, while navigating racism, discrimination and prejudice as members of the BIPOC community. Activities will include guided meditations, creative writing exercises, written, visual and audio inspiration, guest speakers and more. We cannot wait to take this self-care journey with you.

 Register here. Free and open to all.

Group facilitators:

Colleen Brisport Sequeda, Nikki Haley and Lisa Antoine



Ally Group for White-Bodied People

How to Be Better Allies in the Struggle for Racial Justice

Join us for body-centered meditation and discussion to help white-bodied people access, metabolize, heal, and move forward from the shame, fear, overwhelm, and denial that keep them from wholly participating in the long-haul anti-racist movement for black lives.

The caucuses will begin with centering and exploratory mindfulness practices followed by open and honest conversations about the problems of white supremacy and white fragility and what we can do about them.

We will begin this series working with guidance and practices from  a variety of recent books about anti-racism, white fragility and white supremacy. As we move on, we’ll expand to include teachings and practices of other spiritual-activists involved in the anti-racism movement.

The caucuses will be facilitated but are intended to be a community space in which active kindness and compassion make room for white-bodied people to examine their implicit and explicit biases, support each other in actively working to address these biases, and learn from each other’s experiences in challenging other white people about their racial biases, beliefs, and behaviors.

Caucus participants are encouraged to educate themselves about racism and to bring what they learn to enrich the discussions. One place to do this work and keep the discussion about racism and racial justice alive is by participating in Lighthouse Yoga’s book club with yoga teacher Suzanne Henley and attending our upcoming workshops with Dr Monea Abdul-Majeed.

*You don’t have to read the book to participate.

Free and open to all. Register here.

Group Facilitators:

Emily Moore and Hillary Johnson