Join Tara for this FREE video presentation and Yoga Snack!

This past Tuesday, Tara hosted an amazing free workshop called 5 Ways to Deepen Your Practice!   If you missed it, be sure to check out this FREE repeat video of both the presentation AND the asana practice.

Why should you watch these videos?  Well, first, one of them is a just a FREE asana practice, which is always good!  But also, have you been wondering about ways in which you can get deeper into your yoga practice (and by that, we don’t just mean being able to touch your feet in a forward fold or do superhuman feats of physical flexibility or strength)? If so, this presentation is for you!

While complex and difficult yoga postures may be a representation of a deep practice, working with the physical body in asana is just one way to advance in yoga practice. This free presentation, including both videos, will offer you a new perspective on ways to grow your relationship with yoga that don’t have to include trying to put your foot behind your head (though that can be fun too!)

Do any of these statements ring true for you?  If so, check it out!!

  • You are contemplating enrolling in a Yoga Teacher Training program. (which, by the way, we have one starting in SEPTEMBER!!  Check it out here.)
  • You love yoga but don’t feel compelled by super intense asana classes or feel like you “can’t do yoga well.”
  • You can in fact perform superhuman feats of physical flexibility and strength and want to see what else yoga has to offer.

Checking out these videos is also just a great way to learn all about our teacher training program, and maybe get a couple of your questions answered.  And frankly, if you still have questions after you watch, reach out to us!  We’d be happy to answer them!

Check them out!!