Enlightened Women: We are the Changemakers

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An immersion course for women creating positive change with Sada Sat Kaur.


The world is in a time of enormous change and challenge. We see it not only in the news, but often we experience it in our own life, on our own journey.

The Yogis call this time we are now in the Aquarian Age. It is the age of the Matriarchy. It is a time of Womanhood. So much that is happening all around us is because of this enormous shift that is cosmic, personal, economic, and even political.

All cultures, all societies, all individuals are being challenged in everything from how to survive, to how to flourish, how to help ourselves, and how to help others.

The time is now for us as women of awareness to step into our enlightenment and wisdom and into our role as Changemakers.

Sada Sat KaurIt is time to leave behind the old concepts we have outgrown, the old ideals and emotional patterns that no longer fit.

In this 30-hour course, Sada Sat Kaur will guide you to awaken your true gifts and to bring those gifts into the light with courage, love, and generosity. Through her kindness and deep insight you will discover the wisdom and ageless experience of your own soul.

As Enlightened Women we embody the wise-woman healer, the goddess, the creative power for change and evolution. Women have always held these sacred powers within ourselves.

No matter our age, no matter our life experience, no matter what we do, through our talents we create change: within our selves, our families and communities. And if we so choose, through our work and in our interaction with the entire world.

In this course you will:

  • Take time to know what is important to you, what you dream about doing and engaging inWomen Kundalini Yoga
  • Discover your unique gifts and talents that are your guides creating change
  • Know how bring forth your light, to be a Changemaker, in a way that resonates with you and inspires you
  • Honor and nurture your inner essence that makes you uniquely who you are
  • Trust yourself and your journey
  • Connect with other women of spirit in a supportive and caring environment

Daily Kundalini Yoga classes, meditation and chanting are an integral part of the course and our journey together.

We are entering the age of the Matriarchy

The time for passing over the threshold into our

Enlightenment is here

Be the Change, Be the Changemakers


Please inquire about travel and lodging options.

No previous Kundalini Yoga experience is required.

CEU’s available for yoga teachers.