OMiles: A Yoga and Running Club

Saturdays March 7-28, 7:45 am

Teacher: Kristina Maze

Cost: $65 general / Members save 20%

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Join yoga teacher and trail blazer Kristina (Karuna) Maze for a 4-week course combining running, hiking, and yoga stretches at nearby Rock Creek Park.

Trail running is very much like yoga—a “moving meditation” combining breath work and a focus on the present moment.

* Maximum of 6 participants.

* We run through rain-sunshine-snow—but never thunderstorms.

* We trail run an average 11- to 12-minute pace.

* We gradually progress from 3 miles to 6 miles.

* Trail running shoes are required.

* No earbuds allowed. Nature is our playlist.

* Duration is based on miles. Budget at least 75-minutes to 2 hours.

A portion of the workshop’s proceeds goes to Rock Creek Conservancy, dedicated to restoring and protecting this beautiful national park.


Prenatal Yoga 6-Week Series

6-Week Series, February 26-April 1

Wednesdays 615-7:30 pm.

Instructor: Rebecca Henry

Join birth and postpartum doula Rebecca Henry for a very special 6-week Prenatal Yoga Series.

Prenatal yoga is not just a regular yoga class adapted for pregnant people.  At a time when everything is changing in your body, prenatal yoga helps moms-to-be reconnect with and build body awareness, stretch,  strengthen and release the muscles most easily affected by pregnancy and foster a greater understanding of what is happening with our bodies during pregnancy and childbirth.

Cost: $110 for the full 6 week session / Members save 20%. No drop-ins please!

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Full description here.

Post-Natal Yoga (with Babies)

6-Week Series, February 28-April 3

Fridays, 11 am to 12:15 pm.

Instructor: Rebecca Henry

This postnatal class series, designed for moms with babies 6-weeks to pre-crawling, will focus on strengthening, stabilizing and stretching all of the areas of the body hit hardest by pregnancy, childbirth and caring for baby.

This includes your chest and back muscles, your core and pelvic floor as well as your shoulders, neck and wrists.

Restorative poses throughout each class will help soothe baby-addled nerves. With babies welcome in class, you can feel free to stop your practice anytime you need to care for baby. Each class gives you a chance to connect with other new moms in the community and talk about any issues you are having with your post baby body.

Cost: $110 for the full 6 week session / Members save 20%. No drop-ins please!

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 Full description here.


Aquarian Sadhana

Next Sadhana: Sunday March 8, 5-7:30 am

2.5 hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

Meditating with the rise of the sun (the “amrit vela”) sets us for the day and provides a powerful spiritual experience to carry us through life. During the Aquarian Sadhana, we open at 5 am by chanting Japji, a poetic text that takes about 20 minutes. This is followed by a Kundalini Yoga kriya, and then 62 minutes of beautiful chanting.

Learn more about the chants here.

Free and open to all. Doors are locked at 5:20 pm.

Upcoming dates: April 5, May 3, June 7


Full Moon Meditation

Next Full Moon Meditation: Monday March 9, 7:45 pm

Meditation immediately follows the 6:45 pm Kundalini class. If you can’t make it to class, doors will open at  7:40 pm.

Meditating under the power of the full moon amplifies the power of our meditation, allowing us to connect more deeply with the voice of our soul and tap into our inner peace. Join us for this monthly donation-based Kundalini meditation, to uplift your spirits and guide you through the coming cycle.

Open to all, no meditation experience is required. Donations are accepted.


First Anniversary Celebration

Friday Evening, March 13

Can you believe it’s been a year since we opened? We sure can’t!

Join us on Friday March 13 for a community gathering, focused on gratitude for all that our community has provided.

6-7 pm: FREE all-levels Hatha Yoga class

7-8 pm: Community sharing, chanting (kirtan), and a special gratitude meditation. 

Light snacks will be served. All are welcome!

Learn more here.

Yoga for Gardeners

Saturday March 14, 2-4 pm

Teacher: Megan Davis

Cost: $40 general / $30 members

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It’s almost that time of year again!  That time when you get all excited and decide to redesign your beds or buy too many plants and try to get everything done in one weekend.  If you love gardening, chances are you overdo it in the spring. 

Gardening is a great workout for the body and the mind and this workshop is designed to help keep you gardening!  We will focus on things you can do before the planting season begins to get you ready for those marathons in the garden + give you some things to do to speed your recovery after overdoing it in the garden.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels and modifications will be given.  Sense of curiosity and willingness to experiment with new types of movement a must.

Participants will receive a packet of organic seeds to take home and plant!

Becoming the Best Birth Partner

Sunday March 15, 2-4:30 pm

Cost: $85/couple – $75 for members and current prenatal students. Register here.

Becoming the Best Birth Partner: A hands on, yoga based, couples workshop to help prepare for labor.

Join prenatal yoga teacher and birth and postpartum doula Rebecca Henry for a fun partner workshop that will bring together childbirth education and yoga techniques to help you learn how to be a rock solid birth partner.

Many of the postures and breathing techniques practiced in prenatal yoga classes are not only natural birthing positions, but can also serve as comfort during pregnancy and labor. This is especially effective with additional support and pressure from the hands of a loving partner.

Women often intuitively know what positions serve them best during labor, but partners are often at a loss of how best they can help them move between and support them in these positions. Natural labor progression is always enhanced when a mom feels supported and comforted by the people surrounding her. This workshop will focus on teaching birth partners how they can take an active, physical role in the pregnancy, labor and birth process, and therefore be a more relaxing presence for mom.

Introduction to Chair Yoga with Megan Davis

Join Megan Davis for this very special 3-week series to explore traditional yoga postures practiced seated in chairs, rather than on the floor.

Tuesdays March 17, 24, 31, 6:15-7:30 pm

In this series, we will learn variations for many common standing and seated poses using the chair. Most postures can be modified to be done either sitting in a chair or using a chair for support. This is a great tool for stability for students who need a little firner footing, and also a stealthy way to get some yoga in while sitting at your desk.

This series is perfect for teachers/students who want to learn how to use a chair as a prop and for students who struggle to get up and down off the floor.  No previous yoga experience necessary!

Cost: $70 for the 3-week series.

Members save 50% and senior discounts are available. Email us for your discount codes.

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Yoga Book Club: This Will Be My Undoing

Saturday March 28, Free and Open to All

Vegetarian potluck lunch 11:45 am to 12:30 pm, book discussion from 12:30-1:30 pm.

For our spring book club, we’re keeping the discussion about racism and racial justice alive.

Our spring book is This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins.

“This Will Be My Undoing” is a series of essays that explore ot means to “be”—to live as, to exist as—a black woman today. The author – who was 25 at the time of writing (2018) examines how society views and treats Black women. Body image, hair, motherhood, gentrification, and living with on-going stress as a Black woman are all discussed. 

Discussion leader: Suzanne Henley

See more details here.

Yoga Fundamentals

6-Week Series, April 21-May 26 – Register here.

Tuesdays 6:15-7:30 pm

Instructor: Meredith McCullough

Are you new to yoga? This beginner series will introduce you to the basics of yoga in a safe, non-competitive class.

$110 for the full series, which includes weekly video homework. Members save 20%.

Lighthouse Yoga Center offers this unique course as a way to present the basics of a yoga practice in a friendly and supportive environment. Teacher Meredith McCullough excels at creating community and building comfort in yoga.

The program offers a step-by-step introduction to the physical basics of yoga, starting with grounding poses and then building from there.

Yoga Fundamentals one of our most popular offerings and we invite you to take advantage of this 6-week course to jump-start your practice.

Learn more here.

How Crow Can You Go?

Sunday April 19, 3:30-4:45 pm

Teacher: Kristina Maze

Cost: $25 general / $20 members. Register here.

This yoga workshop is something to crow about!

Do you feel grounded when you try to launch into arm balances? Here’s your chance to learn to fly. Hatha Yoga gives us plenty of bird poses, and the exhiliration of mastering these flying poses can’t be beat. 

In this workshop, Kristina (Karuna) Maze teaches the basic foundation of bakasana (Crow Pose) as well as side crow, flying crow, and a few other hand-balance bird poses. Whether you’re a fledgling or a soaring eagle, you’ll have the chance to experiment, balance, and find your wings.


Yoga for Men

With Brian Carr and Patrick Chapman

Saturday April 18

Men handle work and family responsibilities on a daily basis.   A regular spiritual practice is crucial for men to manage life pressures, cultivate relationships, and maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Join Brian Carr and Patrick Chapman in this three-hour workshop to:

1) Practice kriyas and meditations to expand your awareness and develop a peaceful mind.

2) Explore Kundalini Yoga, relate with other men, and reflect about how Kundalini Yoga can be applied to your daily life.

Both new and experienced yoga students are welcome to attend.

Cost: $35 general / $25 members. Email us for your discount codes.

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The Beauty of Boundaries

Sunday April 26, 2:30-5 pm

Teacher: Abby Dobbs

 Cost: $45 general / members save 20%. Register here.

Boundaries are our energetic containers – how we manage our life force both internally and externally.

Boundaries have many definitions and purposes – and how you individually relate to them is hugely important in your life. They can have a positive or negative impact on our lives, depending upon how we use the power inherent in them.

Mindfully managed, boundaries support and protect us, and feed our spirits. Used incorrectly, boundaries can cause drama in many aspects of our lives.

Without boundaries, we can become depleted and compromise our energy. When we become more skillful in setting appropriate and healthy boundaries, we actually create more freedom!

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Yoga and Racial Justice: An Anti-Racism Immersion

Sunday July 12, 10 am to 6 pm

Teacher: Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed

Sliding Scale: Give a little $140 / Just right there $108 / Get a boost $84

(contact us for scholarship opportunities)

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For far too long, “racism” has been the elephant in the room. It’s been covered, downplayed, spiritually bypassed, or ignored.

Now is the time to lift the veil, confront racism and work together to dismantle it. There’s no better place to do the messy digging of antiracism than a yoga studio.

This workshop is for you if you….

  • Are tired of basic racism 101 trainings that merely touch the surface of antiracism and leave you feeling guiltier or more traumatized than you did before attending…
  • Are mad at yourself for laughing at racist jokes, clenching your purse when a man of color approaches you, or mad because you want to be the change but have no clue how to be a part of the solution…
  • Are baffled by or defensive when you hear terms like white fragility, white privilege, or white supremacy but don’t want to ask questions for fear of “sounding racist”…
  • Are tired of being treated like you’re invisible when you enter predominantly white spaces or being highly visible as the only person of color in the room who is cornered into answering all of the race questions…
  • Are well-intentioned and ready to use your voice, your yoga practice, and your heart to make our country more welcoming to all but have no idea how to get started…
  • Are afraid any conversation about race, racism, or antiracism…

Learn more here.

Ongoing: Yoga for Happy Hips with Megan Davis

Tuesdays 6:15-7:30 pm, February 18-March 10


Teacher: Megan Davis


Hip & Pelvic Power! A 4-week Series to Get Hip with Your Pelvis


Cost: $75 general / members save 25%

Register here


In this series, we’ll explore myofascial release and variations of standing and seated asanas that help us balance strength and flexibility in the hips. Tightness and prolonged contraction of the pelvic floor muscles and the internal and external hip rotators can cause lower back pain and can contribute to misalignment of the sacrum.  So you’ll learn some techniques to counter asymmetry in the hips and all the things our pelvises are missing out on when we spend too much time sitting in chairs!


This series is appropriate for students of all levels. Students with injuries are welcome and variations will be offered.



You are a lighthouse, so no one can wreck near you. That is the one thing in life you have to do. Spread the light. Be the lighthouse. So every journey, every destiny, every distance will be safe.

Yogi Bhajan 11/87

You are a lighthouse, so no one can wreck near you. That is the one thing in life you have to do. Spread the light. Be the lighthouse. So every journey, every destiny, every distance will be safe.

Yogi Bhajan 11/87