Yoga Fundamentals: For Beginners and Beyond

Are you a brand new yoga student, or a sometimes practitioner who would like to hone your skills?

Join us for this 4-week series to learn the basics of yoga with Meredith McCullough

Next Series starts on August 29

fundies$60 for all 4 weeks, including a weekly video homework assignment. To register, purchase the Yoga Fundamentals Class Card. Gift certificates are available for this course.

Wednesdays, August 29 to September 19, 6:30-7:45 pm

Teacher: Meredith McCullough.

This class is a wonderful introduction to the building blocks of Hatha Yoga, so you can deepen your practice safely and effectively.

Students will learn the basics of a yoga class, including:
**Fundamental poses to increase strength and flexibility.
**Safe and effective transitions from one pose to the next.
**Practices to create deeper awareness on and off the mat.

Each week will build upon the one before, so students are encouraged to attend all 4 weeks to maximize your experience in the series. Attendance in this series will ease the transition for newer meredith-glenstudents into our Beginner Yoga classes, as well prepare you for Mixed Level and Kundalini classes. No flexibility is required!

Yoga Fundamentals is one of Lighthouse Yoga Center’s most popular offerings. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels have been enjoying these classes for almost four years now, and they get rave reviews. Come in and see what all the buzz is about!

Feedback from Yoga Fundamentals participants:

“Meredith is EXCELLENT…just thinking about how she was able to individualize and make modifications based on each of our fitness levels…TRULY AWESOME. I am grateful.” — KW, 7/18

“I always liked the *idea* of yoga way more than the actual classes, and it was amazing to be in a class where we could ask all the questions we wanted. I instantly fell in love with the studio and the vibe- so unpretentious and REAL.” — LM, 10/2015

Yoga Fundamentals is featured in Petworth News!

No drop ins please! New student passes and unlimited class passes are not valid for this offering. (Are you a monthly unlimited pass holder? Email us for your discount code and save 20% on Yoga Fundamentals!).

This pass is available as a gift certificate as well! Get your friends and family hooked on yoga, too.

What to expect when you take your first yoga class

I’ve never taken yoga before. What should I bring?

  • Just bring yourself, a willingness to try and a smile. Lighthouse Yoga Center supplies all the props (mats, blankets, belts, blocks, etc.) you’ll need.
  • Wear comfortable, preferably stretchy clothing, such as shorts or leggings, and a T-shirt or tank top–something not too low cut so you’re comfortable bending over.
  • Changing areas are available at LYC, and personal belongings can be stored in our cubbies.
  • Please don’t wear perfume or chew gum.
  • Yoga asana (poses) are total body experiences. We work individual muscles in ways that might be new to your body. We all practice and work at it and everyone is at a different place in their practice. Don’t let yourself be discouraged because you cannot put your leg behind your head during the first class. And guess what? You’re not going to be asked to do that, anyway! Just laugh and give things a try. All things, including flexibility and strength, come with time and practice.
  • If you arrive late for class, please don’t interrupt the class’s centering. These few minutes at the beginning of class are to let go of the day, quiet the mind and begin to focus inward. If you are late, simply sit quietly just outside the doors and give yourself this time to center and be still. When the centering is done, please come in and set up your mat.
  • Doors open 15 minutes before the class starts. Please note that the doors at LYC are generally locked 5 minutes after the scheduled class start time.

How does yoga differ from other forms of exercise?

  • Yoga places much less emphasis on goal achievement. Instead, students are asked to carefully observe and finely tune the manner in which they move from moment to moment in conjunction with the breath. This focused concentration draws attention inward, integrating mind and body.
  • Conventional exercise tends to reinforce misalignment because we naturally stretch from our more flexible areas and rely on our more developed muscles for strength. Yoga counter-balances this tendency by requiring weak muscles to strengthen and stiff areas of the body to stretch. Each posture aligns the whole body. As practice continues, less muscular work is needed to execute the postures and the ability to relax is increased.