Join us on Sunday, August 25 for a very special Sadhana to celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s birthday.

Special Morning Sadhana: Sunday August 25

Yogi Bhajan was a pioneer yoga teacher who broke with the tradition of keeping Kundalini Yoga secret and sacred and brought it to the west to begin to teach it publicly. In honor of our teacher and in remembrance of the teachings, every year we celebrate his birthday with a special global Sadhana.

For morning sadhana on or around August 26, Kundalini yogis all over the world  chant Long Ek Ong Kars for 2.5 hours. Yes, it is a long time, and it helps if you can chant with a group. If you are chanting by yourself, then imagine you are chanting with many other voices. If you haven’t experienced this sadhana before, this is a perfect opportunity. In the ambrosial hours at Lighthouse Yoga Center, anyone wishing to participate is welcome to join us.

This year, since August 26 is a Monday, we’re celebrating early. Join us during the early hours on Sunday August 25 for this wonderful meditation experience.

We’ll meet at 4:45 am to do a few minutes of warm ups and the meditation will begin promptly at 5 am. We finish at 7:30 am and will celebrate with some yogi tea and birthday cake.

Free and open to all! No yoga experience is required. Please pre-register so we know you’re coming!

What are “Long Eck Ong Kaars”, also known as Morning Call? Check out this great video with Krishna Kaur explaining how this mantra works.

Eleven Days of Chanting: August 16 – August 26

We start with 11 days of chanting Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru for 31 minutes each day. Call on Guru Ram Das using Yogi Bhajan’s personal mantra. Join the global spiritual community in connecting with the spirit of Yogi Bhajan, and offering thanks for all the blessings he so generously shared with us. If you’re interested in doing this as a group, please email us and we’ll see if we can make it happen at Lighthouse!