Custom Therapeutic Massage with Kate

Services + Pricing

Licensed in Washington, DC, Kate received her initial training at The Potomac Institute for Massage in 2019. This comprehensive training focused on Swedish, Deep Tissue and touched into the complimentary skills of Myofascial Release, Trager, hot stone and energy work. Kate completed the comprehensive prenatal and postpartum massage training Nurturing The Mother, with Claire Marie Miller in 2018. As a long time teacher of yoga and meditation, Kate looks at her massage work as yet another form of spiritual practice. She incorporates her personal mindfulness and somatic work into her touch as a massage therapist and believes the body is always working towards homeostasis. With over 30 years of study in anatomy, yoga and movement, Kate will often offer complimentary movement or exercises to assist her client’s healing journey.

Prenatal + Postpartum Massage

Kate loves to work with mamas! As a birth doula trained in optimal fetal positioning and techniques for balancing the pelvis, she offers a wealth of knowledge and skill to her bodywork with clients who are pregnant or in the postpartum period. Along with over 20 years of working with mamas in yoga and birth work, Kate also brings her certifications in The Body Ready Method ( and as a certified Prenatal and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. This enables Kate to  provide complimentary movement and exercises to support the common aches and pains that can be found in a pregnant or postpartum body. Kate’s prenatal massage work is done primarily in the side lying position with the support of pillows and posters.

Your Bodywork Experience

Each session begins with a brief discussion on how to tailer a plan that meets your needs as a client. Whether you’re in need of focus work or desire a full body experience, Kate is happy to support your intentions.

60 Min $120
75 Min $150
90 Min $175

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