Your door is locked – how to do I get into class?

For safety reasons, our street door is kept locked until just before classes start.  It is on an automatic timer, so it is typically set to unlock 15-20 minutes prior to the start of a class or a workshop, and it re-locks approximately 15 minutes after the start time of the class or workshop. To open the door you will need to turn the handle and pull, even when the door is unlocked.  Occasionally it sticks, so please pull hard if you have trouble. 

Because we all know technology (and humans!) are imperfect, if the door still remains locked within that time window, please contact us either by phone or text at (202) 670-8354 (our phone ringer is often on silent so it doesn’t disturb classes, so if no one answers, please leave a message) or email us at and we will send someone to let you in.  


What are your hours?


We are only open when we have classes in-person, so please check our schedule if you just want to drop by.  However, typically, we do not have anyone working the desk besides our teachers, so once a class begins, the inside door may be locked or the lobby may be empty.  The best way to get questions answered quickly is by emailing to the address above.


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