Lighthouse Policies

  • No refunds are given for memberships, class cards, or workshops, but we may be able to transfer it to a credit for a future purchase – please email us to see how we can help you.
  • To cancel an auto-renewing membership (new student/intro membership, monthly membership, annual membership), please email us at least a week prior to the auto renewal date to ensure cancellation before the next charge
  • A new student/intro/half price first month membership converts to a full, auto-renewing monthly membership 30 days from the day you sign up for it (same day of each month).  Please plan to cancel it prior to the end of those 30 days if you do not want to continue membership and further charges.
  • If you cannot attend a class for which you have pre-registered, please cancel on-line or email the studio and ask us to remove you from the class roster prior to class, so that you can make space for another student (and get your class pass back, if applicable)
  • LYC is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items. Please take personal items into the studio with you and use our cubbies or store next to your mat.
  • Cell phones should be left in the cubbies with personal belongings and need to be silenced (or turned off).
  • Please sign our online waiver before participating in class – we are not responsible for any injury sustained during practice.


Should I register in advance for classes and workshops?

Please do pre-register for your classes, particularly for in-person classes, as that will guarantee you a space.  We do not have cash in the studio to make change for drop ins, so the process for registering in the studio is the same as doing it though our website online with a credit card.   Doing it ahead of time also helps speed up the class sign-in procedure. Please email us if you have difficulty registering.

What are your current COVID policies?

We ask that you be fully vaccinated for all illnesses, but currently do not require proof of vaccination for COVID or others.  Please plan to stay home (and take class online, if you feel well enough!) if you are ill or concerned that you might have something transmissible.  Masks in studio are currently optional and welcome.

What about parking around the studio?

We do not have a parking lot, but there is typically ample non-metered/1-2hr parking spaces along both 5th and Kennedy Streets, as well as on the side streets.

How do we find you?

We are at the corner of 5th and Kennedy Streets, NW, in the Brightwood neighborhood of DC.  We are on the second floor (sorry about the stairs!) of the grey building 2nd in from the corner on the left side of the street as you head west (next to the TARGET liquor store front).  Look for our sign and possibly A-Frame sidewalk sign!  We share the second floor with Kennedy Counseling Collective.

Why are your doors not open? What are your hours?

We are open when we have classes in-person, so please check our schedule if you just want to drop by.  However, typically, we do not have anyone working the desk, so once a class begins, the door may be locked.  The best way to reach us for questions is by email, which will be quickly answered.  Our street door opens 15 minutes prior to the start of an in-person class and locks 15 minutes after the class is set to start.

What if I have trouble getting into a zoom class?

Please email as typically our phones are turned to silent when classes are in session (or in the case of an online only class, typically no one is present in the studio to take your call).  Email, in most cases, will be quickly answered, as well as it being the best way to directly send you a link to enable you to access a zoom class.

What else should I know for my visit?

If you like, please bring a mat with you, or any other props you feel you might need.  However, we do have mats and props to share, we only ask you clean your borrowed mat before leaving class and put away borrowed props neatly.  We have a water bottle filler fountain, bathrooms (which can double as a changing room), a yoga and social justice lending library  and even sometimes snacks!  It’s a good idea to refrain from eating large meals for at least two hours prior to class, Drink lots of water and hydrate during class if you feel thirsty.

These free classes and meditations are great – why the donation button?

We wish we could offer everything free, but we want our teachers to be able to make a living when they give their time to our studio.  When they offer free practices or meditations they are giving their time to you.  If you can manage it, please consider donating to cover their time, and for those who are able, consider becoming a member of the studio to support the continuation of Lighthouse being able to offer scholarships and free events. Thank you!

We welcome your feedback. Please email comments, complaints and

suggestions to

Thank you for being a member of the Lighthouse Community!

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